Inherit An Old Home Without Public Utilities? What To Inspect Right Away

If you've inherited an old property that is out in the country and lacking modern or city utilities, there are some things you want to do before living in the property or doing renovations. You want to make sure that the property and the home is safe and that the utilities are usable. Since the property isn't connected to gas and sewer lines, here are some of the inspections and services you need to look into.

Septic Pump and Cleaning

If there are no records that show when the septic tank was last inspected or pumped, you want to find out before you have an overflowing sewer system that is pumping waste into your home or the property around it. Have a septic tank pumping service come so they can empty the tank, clean it, and then inspect it for any damages or issues that need addressed. If you live in the property, you'll be able to keep track for when the next cleaning is needed, and if you want to sell, it can be a selling feature to list.

Well Water Testing and Inspection

The well water in the house should be tested to make sure that it's safe to drink and to see if there are any mineral concerns that could affect the function of the well. A water testing company can come and inspect the well and the water lines, and they could also flush your appliances like the hot water tank to remove any mineral buildup.

Petroleum Levels Checked

When there is a petroleum tank on the property to heat the water and the home, it's important to make sure you have enough in there for your own personal use. Have a company in the area that fills tanks come to see how much is in there and to add some if needed. If you want to sell the house, make sure there is enough so the appliances can be tested when people come through for showings.

If you have inherited an older property and you would like to live in it or fix it up to be sold, these are some of the things that have to be completed so you can make sure that the house is livable and functioning as needed. Talk with the experts that provide these services to get more information and to get these different projects completed for your home.