Steps Of Septic Clog Cleaning

A clogged drain can leave you with a lot of water or even sewage on your floor, and it can be a nightmare to clean up. A clog also makes it nearly impossible to use your plumbing system. It is important that that clog is taken care of as quickly as possible. If the clog is allowed to sit it may just get worse. If your home is set up on a septic system, there are a few steps that you can take to make plumbing repairs. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when dealing with a clog when on a septic system.

Careful With Cleaners 

If you are hooked up to city sewer, then the first step is usually to use a liquid drain cleaner, but this is not always the best choice when hooked up to a septic system. The liquid drain cleaners are created from bases, so the pH is higher than 7. These chemicals can be extremely harsh on the bacteria within the septic system. The bacteria are what break down the sewage in a septic system, so if they are killed you could be in big trouble. Before you reach for the drain cleaner ask yourself when the last time that you used a drain cleaner in your home was and if it is absolutely necessary. 

Pipe Snake

With a septic system, you will generally want to start with a pipe snake. This is a long cable like apparatus that is pushed down the drain. Pipe snakes come in all different sizes, and for those hard to reach places with a lot of ninety degree pipes you will likely need a thin snake. A pipe snake physically collides with the clog and is used to push it down the drain.

Call A Plumber

If you have tried the liquid drain cleaner and the pipe snake methods and the pipe is still clogged, then you will want to cal a plumber at this point. There is a very good chance that your pipe is either kinked or that it has collapsed from water hammer. A plumber will come into the home and use a small camera to go down the pipe and see exactly what is causing the clog, and then he or she will get right to work fixing the problem. These professionals will troubleshoot any problem, and get the job done.