3 Maintenance Tips To Ensure Your Septic System Is Working Properly

If you want to avoid problems with the plumbing in your home, good septic care is essential. Your septic tank is going to need to be pumped to remove the solids, and you also want to do what you can to avoid problems. Responsible use of your septic tank, regular maintenance and improvements will help to prevent some common septic system problems. Here are some maintenance tips that will help ensure your septic system is working properly without any problems:

1. Knowing When It Is Time to Have the Septic Tank Pumped

One of the septic maintenance tasks that homeowners often get confused about is when to have the tank pumped. The frequency of pumping that is needed depends on factors like the size of the tank and how many people are living in a household. In general, you will need to have the tank pumped every 2-to-3 years; or more frequent if you have a lot of people living in your household.  Smaller tanks will need to be pumped more often than larger tanks.

2. Improvements to Help Reduce Septic System Problems and Costly Repairs

You want to be able to reduce problems with the septic tank, which there are improvements that may help. To know exactly when your tank needs to be pumped or has a problem causing it to fill with solids too quickly, have a tank overflow alarm installed. Other improvements that you may want to consider include installing more drain field lines and a distribution box or adding a separate tank for grey water.

3. Water Consumption and Reducing Strain on Your Septic Tank

When you use water excessively, it will go directly to the septic tank. Using appliances constantly, such as washing many loads of clothes in one day, will contribute to septic system overburden. To reduce stress on the septic tank, try to use appliances sparingly, such as washing loads of clothes throughout the week instead of all in one day. In addition, you may want to consider installing a separate grey water tank to prevent these problems. Upgrading plumbing fixtures for lower water consumption will also help prevent overburden in your tank.

These are some maintenance tips for your septic system to prevent costly problems. The most important thing to do is have the tank cleaned when needed. Contact a septic pumping service such as AAA Pumping Service to get help with cleaning your tank when it is needed.