Tips For Renting An Electric Sewer Snake To Remove Roots From Your Home's Main Sewer Line

If tree roots have grown into the main sewer drain line of your home and they are causing frequent clogs, then you need to rent an electric sewer snake and use it to remove the intruding roots. While most people choose to call out a licensed plumber to auger out the tree roots because it can be a stinky and messy job, this is absolutely a project any homeowner can do with a rented machine and a desire to save some money. 

If you have decided to remove the tree roots from your home's drain yourself, then these tips will help you rent the correct machine to successfully complete the job.

Tip: Rent the Right Auger Type for the Job

There are many different types of drain snakes and augers on the market today. You can buy smaller, inexpensive snakes for cleaning out sink and toilet drains, and you can rent larger, more expensive commercial models for larger projects such as main drain line and vent stack cleaning.

To remove tree roots, you need an auger that has an attached rotating blade to cut through the roots. This tool is known by the following plumbing industry names:

  • electric sewer snake
  • electric sewer auger
  • electric drum auger
  • electric drum snake

In addition to the above, this tool is also sometimes called a main drain line rooter.

Tip: Determine How Long of a Cable the Auger Needs to Clean the Entire Drain

Before heading out to the rental store, you need to determine how long of a cable you need to get from your sewer's cleanout valve to the end of the sewer line. If your house is located close to the street, then this may just be a few feet. However, if your home is a long way from the street, then you may need hundreds of feet of cable. You need to know approximately how much cable is required in order to rent the proper machine.

Tip: Read the Manufacturer's Operating Manual for the Machine You Rent

Before you leave the rental store, ask if they have the operator's manual for the electric sewer snake. If they do, then make sure you read through it before using the machine. If they do not have one, then search on the manufacturer's website and download the appropriate manual. Finally, make sure you read and thoroughly understand the manual before you use this powerful tool to remove the ingrown roots from your home's main sewer line.

For more information, contact your local sewer drain cleaning service.