Indications That The Sewer Line From Your Home Might Be Blocked

The sewer lines that move waste from your home may not be allowing water and other waste to move through them properly. A blockage in the line is sometimes hard to detect, but there are some things you may see every day that indicate a problem that you should look at. 

Slow Drains

A single slow drain can be caused by something simple like food or hair, but if all the drains in the house are working very slowly, you more than likely have a problem with the sewer line. The water and waste from the home may be traveling through the pipe, but if it can not move effectively, it can slow the drain down, and you will see it all the way back to the beginning of the drain line. If you see this, it is time to call a plumber and have the line checked. Once the drains start to slow this much, the blockage is significant and needs clearing.

Sewage Coming up Through Drains

Another indication that the line to the sewer system is blocked is sewage backing up and coming up through drains in the home. If you start to see this, the line is most likely completely blocked and needs to be cleared immediately. Call a plumbing contractor right away because this situation is extremely unhealthy and unpleasant. The plumber may need to dig up the line to get it repaired at this point or for extremely old systems, and the line may need replacing.

What Can Block the Sewer Line

Sewer line blockages are sometimes organic matter, other times they are material put down a toilet that should not have been, and sometimes they are caused by things outside the home. Roots from a nearby tree may wrap around the line, crack the pipe, and grow into the line. If the tree is one that seeks water, it should not be near the sewer line. 

A collapsed pipe will also cause a blockage in the sewer line and could also create a leak into the ground near the pipe. The land may be soft or wet and have a terrible odor to it because it is absorbing the sewage that is spilling out of the pipe. If you notice this, call a plumber or sewer contractor right away. They will dig up the line and check it out to see if repair is possible or replacing the line is the only way to fix it. 

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