3 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Sewer Line

Do you own an older home? How long has it been since you thought about the pipe that connects your home to the city sewer system? Most people probably rarely, if ever, think about their sewer line. It's buried and out of sight, so there's not much to consider on a daily basis. When your sewer line eventually starts to fail, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid worse consequences. Some signs that you should at least consider getting an inspection to see what's going on include the following:

Repeated clogs: If it feels like your drains are always getting clogged, it may be time for a sewer line replacement. As long as you're not putting things like paper towels or clay cat litter down the drain, you should not be experiencing clogs on a regular basis. But a sewer line may start to settle and sag as it ages, resulting in a depression where sewage solids can collect. A qualified plumber can clear this clog out but it will just keep happening until you have the line replaced. It'll definitely be less expensive in the long run if you have the line repaired instead of continually calling the plumber.

Strange odors: A dip in the line may not be sufficient to cause an actual clog, but it may still allow sewer solids to collect. The shape of the bend or dip, in combination with these collected solids, may allow sewage gasses to escape back into your home. If you have started noticing a foul smell in your kitchen or bathroom that you can't pinpoint and can't get rid of, it may be time for a sewer line replacement. With a level sewer line in place, you'll no longer have to put up with this bad odor in your home.

Large trees: Large trees can be death to sewer lines, depending on the species of tree. Some trees, such as willows, are especially thirsty and will seek out any source of available moisture. If your sewer pipe has developed any cracks due to age, this may allow water to seep out into the surrounding soil. Any trees nearby will eventually find this moisture, and their roots will start to grow towards the source. If your plumber ever pulls roots out of your sewer line, you'll need to get a sewer line replacement as soon as possible because the problem will only get worse.

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