4 Reasons Your Septic System Has Turned Your Yard Into A Swamp

Has your yard become a swampy mess around your septic system? Do you know what's causing the stinky, disgusting mess? There are several things that can cause septic systems to leak into the yard and turn it into a swamp. Here, you'll find a few things that could be causing your problem.

Failed Pump           

When a septic pump fails, the wastewater is no longer pushed out of the holding tanks into the drain-field. As water is run down the drains and toilets are flushed, the water level inside the tanks rise. Eventually, there's nowhere left for the wastewater to go but into the yard — eventually backing up into the pipes and into your home.

Disconnected Pipes

Things can happen that cause pipes to come disconnected inside the tank or leading to the tank. Whether the pipe ruptures or becomes disconnected, these pipes will leak — and when they leak, the system can fail. If the leak occurs within the tank, the waste cannot be moved out of the tank — if it's damaged or disconnected under the ground, it'll leak into the yard and cause it to become saturated.

Too Much Solid Waste

If the solid holding tank hasn't been emptied in a while, the problem could be caused by an excessive buildup of solids in the bottom. When the solids pile up too high, they can block the pipe that carries the water to the secondary tank. This can cause clogs in the pipes and can cause the motor in the pump to burn out.

If it's been more than two years since the septic tank has been emptied, contact your local septic system professional immediately.

Too Much Grease

Grease down the drains is a bad idea not only because it can cause the drains to clog up but also because the grease floats on top of the wastewater and can compromise the system. Grease can clog the pipes, and it can cause the pump to fail. Instead of pouring grease down the drains, keep a grease bucket under your kitchen sink to store used grease.

The wastewater building up in your yard is the final warning that your system will give you before it begins to back up into the house. There is no more time to delay repairs. Contact your local septic system repair technician for immediate assistance. Doing nothing could result in contamination of your home which isn't exactly easy or pleasant to clean up.