Own A Home With A Septic System? Here's What You Must Know To Keep It Healthy!

Septic systems are wonderful because they allow people to safely drain wastewater from their homes without having to be connected to a municipal sewer system. This allows for living in just about any rural area while protecting groundwater from contamination that can harm people and animals.

Your home's septic system is capable of functioning very well without much intervention from you. However, there are some important things you need to understand to properly maintain it and keep it healthy. A few of the most important include:

Septic Systems Can be Seriously Damaged by Weight from Above

Septic systems are very susceptible to damage from vehicles or heavy machinery being driven over the top of their components. Aged concrete or newer plastic septic tanks can cave in if they are driven over. Leach lines and drain fields can be permanently damaged from being compacted under heavy weight from above.

Since physical damage is very expensive to repair, you need to know exactly where each component of your home's septic system is located and prevent motorized travel above them. 

There Should be No Surface Indications of a Septic System's Location

If you have any surface indications of where your property's septic tank, leach lines, or leach field are located, then you likely have a major problem.

For example, if the area where the drain field is located suddenly becomes lush with green grass and weeds, or if you start smelling septic odors in your yard, then these things are indicators of serious problems below grade.

When a drain field is working properly, you shouldn't see any indication of its location on the surface. Similarly, a septic system that is working correctly should never emit any foul smells on the surface.

Septic Tanks Always Require Maintenance or Expensive Damage Will Occur

It's very important to point out that all septic systems require regular pumping and maintenance. If you neglect to properly maintain the system, then the tank will overfill and start sending solid materials out to the drain field. Once a septic tank has overflowed solids into the drain field, then the drain field will need to be replaced.

Drain field replacement is a major plumbing project that will cost thousands of dollars to have done. The only way to prevent this type of damage is to regularly pump out your septic tank. This ensures no solid material will contaminate the drain field and will save you a whole lot of money and from a lot of frustration. For more information, contact a company such as Linn Septic Service today.