Inherit An Old Home Without Public Utilities? What To Inspect Right Away

If you've inherited an old property that is out in the country and lacking modern or city utilities, there are some things you want to do before living in the property or doing renovations. You want to make sure that the property and the home is safe and that the utilities are usable. Since the property isn't connected to gas and sewer lines, here are some of the inspections and services you need to look into.

Keeping Bathroom Facilities Clean For Your Upcoming Wedding Reception

If you're planning a wedding ceremony, your list of things to do before the big day arrives is likely a mile long. If your wedding venue is mainly outdoors, a backup plan should be in place to ensure that guests have a dry place to go should rain or inclement weather be an issue. One thing to really hone in on with the planning process is the restroom area. Are your bathrooms outside?