3 Reasons Your Septic Tank Constantly Needs To Be Emptied

The average septic tank only needs to be pumped every three to five years, and some tanks can last even longer than that. So if you find that yours needs to be pumped almost every single year, there may be some things you are doing in your home that are causing the tank to fill up too quickly. If you can make a few changes with the way you do things in your home, you might be able to reduce the frequency of septic tank pumping services.

How To Replace A Torn Or Damaged Diaphragm In A Septic System Aeration Pump

If your septic system's aeration pump has stopped working, it is likely the cause is a torn diaphragm. The good news is that replacement of the diaphragm is a simple repair and can be performed by almost anyone using a minimum of tools. Below is more information on diaphragm air pumps and how you can perform this easy fix: How a diaphragm air pump operates Air pumps come in several configurations, but the most commonly used air pump for septic system aeration is the diaphragm pump.

Just Bought a House With a Septic Tank? Follow These Simple Septic Do's & Don'ts

According to EPA, approximately one in five American households either share a community septic system or have their own septic tank on their property. If you've recently purchased a home with a septic system, you might not be quite sure how to maintain the tank or prevent an unnecessary breakdown. Here are a few simple do's and don'ts for every first time homeowner caring for their onsite septic system: Do Switch from Toxic Cleansers to More Eco-friendly Products